Monsters on Madison

200 Madison (the Putnam/Berkley building)

This is a big, odd building- alternately very austere and very fancifully decorated. From the front you will be able to see the giant ram heads and cornucopia baskets, and if you go diagonally across the street (I found the front of the Morgan Library on 36th to be as good a vantage point as any) you will notice three enormous human male heads above the upper center windows. Now look way up. There are some fancy crests, medallioned profile heads that look like Roman coins, and creatures of some variety that I just wasn't quite able to identify with my naked eyes. Perhaps some intrepid monster hunter out there, better equipped with binoculars or a good zoom lens, will let me know!

232 Madison

This building somehow managed to completely escape my notice the first time I came down Madison Avenue in search of monsters. When I came back to photograph the area, lo and behold, I noticed that this corner building directly across Madison from Morgan's Hotel was actually chock full of figures!

There are these lovely gilt lions over the keystones, one layer up are four figures in different poses, and up at the top of the building are these smaller, hooded monk heads.

237 Madison (Morgan's Hotel)

This little hotel is right across the street from the Morgan Library bookstore on E. 37th Street. Note the carved pillars and that wonderful bearded man.

Perhaps you've noticed that I've mentioned the Morgan Library a few times. Well, if you're already in the neighborhood and are in the mood for a treat- spring the $5 admission charge and pop in. There are always a couple of special exhibits as well as portions of their permanant collection on display (something from their incredible stock of illuminated manuscripts if you're lucky). And if you really want to treat yourself, stop for lunch or a snack in the glassed-in courtyard cafe. Louisa Morgan's gingerbread recipe will not disappoint!

274 Madison

This building is home to a couple of very Parisian looking peacocks, and lots of intricate geometric carvings around the entranceway.

285 Madison (The Young & Rubicam building)

The winged spouts and what I believe to be eagles (I need binoculars!) up at the top of this building are best viewed from the southwest corner of 39th St. Then, coming up on the building proper, you'll see the arched entrance way decorated with a variety of whimiscal carved figures depicting various occupations. This reminds me of the entrance to the Woolworth Building downtown which has a similar theme (see the Wall Street tour).

Neighborhood Notes: Madison Avenue is full of monsters! These are just a few. Check back soon for new entries! In the meantime, try another of The Monster Walks.

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